Friday, March 9, 2012

Rants and Raves

I'm feeling a tad more bitchy than normal today so I figured I'd go ahead and debut my newest idea for a weekly-ish post, 'rants & raves.' A place to share what you're loving rightthissecond and what you'd like to give the big middle finger to. (Yes, I know you aren't supposed to end a sentence with a preposition, so if you were thinking that just go ahead and consider yourself added to the 'rants' list. :)

I'd rather start with the good stuff, so here are my most current obsessions:

I'm wearing my new Handful bra like it's going out of style. It's so freaking comfortable. If you want to try it for yourself, check out my giveaway post here. 

Kentucky basketball is always a favorite of mine, but it always reaches a new level of craziness when March Madness rolls around. Everything in this house revolves around when and where the CATS play. And I LOVE it. 

My newest snack obsession? Laughing Cow cheese how did I not know about you until last week? I'm so ashamed. If you're living in the dark like I was, allow me to share. Laughing Cow makes these amazing little wedges of cheesey goodness and they're mostly 35-45 calories each. They even make a strawberry cream cheese one!!!!!!! Heaven. The one in the picture is queso fresco and chipotle. It's so good it covers up the horrible taste of raw carrots :)

Now onto the people I'd kinda like to punch in the face. 

To my stupid lab (laboratory not Labrador):
Why is it that I have to make an appointment weeks in advance to have a simple blood draw but that you can call me the day before to cancel?? Unacceptable. And don't tell me, and I quote, "It's not a big deal we can get you in the next morning." Actually it is a big deal because I work that day. The job that provides  the insurance to help pay the ridiculous fee you're going to charge. Stupid. 

To the handyman who is was fixing our kitchen ceiling:
Why did you tell me you could come out and do the job today if you were going to work for an hour, leave in the middle to go do another job, then come back to finish?!?!?! I know the world doesn't revolve around me, but seriously. You think I'm kidding? Here's what my kitchen looks like right now:

He said he'll be back to finish today. Great. 

And lastly, to the girl at the gym talking on your phone while laying in the middle of the floor in the ladies only room of the gym: Get the efff outta the way and get off your damn phone!!!! I mean, come on. The ladies only room is about thisbig. It's already kind of a tight squeeze, but when you've got chatty mc cathy on her cell phone seriously laying in the middle of the floor!!@? I'm not a confrontational person (I'd rather just bitch about it online!) but this was too much. She had her sweatshirt slung over the only bench in the room (the one that I needed to actually workout) so I calmly and politely asked her if she was using the it. She said no while giving me the 'can't you see i'm on the phone' look. Rude. 

And just because I almost implicated him in a rant, here's the cutest Labrador ever:

Rant or rave? Tell me what's pissing you off or making you fall in love!


  1. that picture of your labrador is soooooooooo flippin' precious!!!

    PS: I'm obsessed with handful, too:)

  2. PS: you changed your blog?! I swear it was different when I was snooping around last night!

  3. Really, on the phone at the gym? Get out of the way lady! Sorry about your kitchen. I hope he finishes today:) Feel free to complain away, its' "free rant friday" at my blog. Get it all out. Your dog is so sweet:) Love Handful bras!

  4. Aww, Riley looks precious! Fingers crossed that the kitchen is returned to its normal state before the day is over. I'm pissed that it's sooo sunny but can't be a little warmer for my half tomorrow. Not sure what I feel like raving about besides how sweet Sasha and Lucky have been this week. I'm starting to think they know we are leaving them today...

  5. Your dog is such a cutie! Oh that lady at the gym would have made me mad! Some people are just oblivious to how they are affecting others.

  6. love your pup and love me a handful! lol

    my son is driving me nuts! he's 2.5 years and I feel like it's not as easy anymore ;) lol

    I love that I can run as I've been off and on with an injury

  7. Rant worthy...every single day for the past 2 weeks something tries it's hardest to interfere with my running plan. Seriously. Every. Single. Day.

    Happy? I ordered new running shoes!

    Rant worthy...having to wait on said running shoes :(

    Happy? I'm liking the vegetarian challenge more than I expected.

    BTW, I'm a new Linky follower :)


  8. I love the Laughing Cow cheese wedges, they are so yummy!
    Great post! Sometimes you gotta let it out!

  9. awwww. your pup is toooo cute! rave = caramel cheerios. rant = another weekend gone by entirely too fast!