Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Friday::: My Week in Pictures, Mostly.

Thanks for all of your all's comments on my last post. Crazy kids. As many of you all said, I'm just glad I got to learn this lesson the easy way and I hope you all take it to heart too!  

riley and i got to go to the park on tuesday

i swear, there is nothing better than spending the day outside with this guy. LOVE him.  

taking a quick water break!

we got three miles in.

the weather has been amazing here and all the trees are blooming, so beautiful!

Matthew changed up my lifting routine while I was home this weekend and it is of course kicking my butt. This is me after doing my new leg/back routine. 

No I did not run suicides in between sets, the workout just really kicked my butt!!! And it is about 129378 degrees in my gym... And I sweat like a man. Oh well. 

are you all loving march madness? who are you pulling for?


  1. Love all the pics, especially the first 2! So cute:)

  2. Hey Courtney! I don't think I will be running the Divas half marathon in Myrtle Beach, maybe next year. Email me about this weekend so we can make arrangements to meet up when yall get into town!

  3. what a stinking cutie! looks like a great day!

  4. eeeeekkkkkkk!!!!!! i love love love park days with the pups :)

  5. That must have been a killer workout! Riley is so cute. I want a chocolate lab so bad but we'd be crazy to get a third dog.