Friday, February 8, 2013

hello marathon hunger... aka holy crap i'm hungry

up until about a month ago i was really pleased with how my eating/fueling was going even as my mileage started creeping up. i did my clean eating routine through the week and had a cheat meal on the day of my long run. if i needed a boost before a run, i'd eat some JIF on toast.

i even lost some weight, but i think it's because i'm losing muscle [not cool].

well that's all changed now. i'm a bottomless pit! i usually eat every 3 hours or so, but i'm even getting hungry in between that!

do you all have any insight? i have worked my butt off to lose this weight [and still have some more to lose] so i do not want to screw this up!


  1. Sounds like you need to up your protein and amino acids and maybe back away from the carbs for a little while. Your body may need the food but it's needing it in the form of protein because of all the running youre doing. I know it works for me. And when I eat carbs, I tend to eat like a horse, they make me crave like crazy. Start, if you aren't already, logging what youre eating and see if youre even having enough protein?!

    Also, I know I always eat a ton when I'm pregnant ;) just sayin.

  2. I never got this under control when I was marathon training. I was hungry constantly and pretty much ate constantly as well.

  3. I typically experience ongoing hunger when I don't have enough protein in my meals. Yesterday I was starving all day and I realized it was because there was some missing protein & fiber in my meals to keep me full longer. Just a thought.
    Good luck!

  4. Ya know I had heard for years, that distance running makes you hungry and you will gain weight. I found out for myself last Winter/Spring when training for a half, that it was true. I gained about 6 pounds.

    Perhaps the body just knows that it needs something in reserve with the added stress of the long distances.

    I did lose it after the race.

  5. I agree with eat more protein and cut back on the carbs, but I do remember needing to eat all the time too, and I eat all the time now.