Thursday, January 24, 2013

allied medal displays::: review and discount code

brad got me an awesome running gift for Christmas this year, a customized allied medal display:

i have wanted one of these for a really long time, so when Christmas started creeping up on us, i may or may not have left brad some hints :) he immediately regretted the purchase when i made him help me hang in on Christmas morning [in my defense i did make him breakfast first!].

i chose a personalized hanger with two rows of hooks. i almost got three but then my OCD kicked in. i knew it would drive me crazy if i couldn't get them to hang neatly so that i could see every one. i chose to get 'hustle harder' on it [long story].

installation was surprisingly simple and we got it into place in about ten minutes [i subtracted the 30 minutes it took us to find a screwdriver]. mine came with three screws, three anchors, and three spacers. we decided not to use the anchors [i was nervous about not using them but brad convinced me to try it and it hasn't fallen down yet, score one for him] to avoid the larger holes in the wall.

after we got it up i wiped it down with a stainless steel cleaning cloth that i use to clean my refrigerator because it was covered in fingerprints. then i loaded it up with my bling:

i was really happy with how it turned out, i only wish i'd paid attention to the sizing specifications... it turned out way smaller than i thought.

be sure to check out the allied medal website if you're looking for a nice way to display your medals.... they do some really beautiful landscape ones too. i'd love to get one with the Asheville skyline/mountains on it.

joel, at allied medals was kind enough to offer a discount code to you guys, just in case you're eyeing a hanger! this code will get you 10% off a medal hanger of your choice:


the code is good through march 31st, so feel free to use it or share it.


  1. I looks so cool! I wonder. How many medals would fit reasonably so on one hanger?

    1. i think 13-15, depending on how much you push them together.

  2. Awesome, I got one from Gone For a Run, for Christmas. I love it!!

  3. i have 2 allied medals displays- the first one i personalized with my blog name, and the second one i couldn't be creative and just stuck with "half marathon". I really smoosh mine togethr have about 21 on both-- time for a new one!

  4. I was about to ask how many fit on one too! It looks great and I do like the name you chose!

  5. All your medals look pretty sweet hanging there! I love looking at mine hanging on the wall, so motivational.

  6. That's a stellar looking medal display. So far, I have a ton of medals and have them hanging from the top of the blinds in the living room. My birthday is coming up soon so that could end up on my list. I have about 25 medals so I'll need a big one. TWSS. :)

    Way to go on 20 miles!!

  7. I've seen so many medal holder recently, but that one is so awesome! I love the modern look to it. Wow, you have a lot of medals! Maybe one day if/when I have more, I'll opt for getting a holder :)

  8. I love your Allied Medal hanger! Mine is already a little full so I kinda want to get another one. Maybe I'll start hinting at that for an anniversary gift...

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  10. i only wish i'd paid attention to the sizing HomeClick Coupon Codes 2013 specifications... it turned out way smaller than i thought.