Monday, October 7, 2013

summary sunday

september 30 - october 6

monday:  AM - pure barre  PM - ran 3 miles
tuesday:  rest
wednesday:  overslept my AM pure barre class, ran 3.5 miles in PM
thursday:  PM - pure barre
friday:  AM - pure barre, PM - walked 4 miles
saturday:  ran 3.5 miles
sunday:  pure barre

so 4 PB classes and 10 miles of running. wow that doesn't seem like a lot of running at all. my knee has been giving me a little bit of trouble (ever since the downhill at dawn half marathon), so at this point i think it would be very unwise to run the half marathon in 2 weeks. achey knee + lack of preparation probably isn't the best formula for a good day. we'll see.

i did start rotating in a new pair of wave riders to see if that helps my knee any. i bought these on sale at the expo for the asheville marathon and have been dying to wear them because i LOVE the colors.

do you buy running shoes in advance? i have had this pair in my closet since march, i won a pair of 16s in july that i have, and i also have a pair of 13s that i bought at tj maxx like a year ago that i haven't used yet. might be a little ridiculous, but i don't like to pay full price for shoes! i know the style works for me, so if i find them on sale i usually buy them!

speaking of buying shoes, the awesome guys over at kindrunner sent me a tech shirt and some new socks to try. i've never tried feetures but they worked really well for me during a short 3 miler. i'll be testing them some more over (hopefully) longer distances and i'll let you all know how they do.

kindrunner has a great feature on their site called the confident runner price... if you know your style and size then you can forfeit free return shipping for a discounted price on your shoes (you still get free shipping to you and free shipping of any shoes you're donating). add that to their kind cash rewards and you've got a pretty sweet deal on your shoes, LOVE THEM!

i am a kindrunner ambassador but all opinions are my own. this is a company that i am happy to stand behind, they're amazing!


  1. I should buy running shoes in advance, but I think I would get too excited and want to wear them immediately and then they would be in the rotation lol

  2. Looks like a good workout week to me:) Great job! I have been slowly increasing my mileage now that Breaking Bad is my treadmill show:) Now I have to just make sure I don't amp it up too fast and get injured. I would have to blame the show;)

  3. I need new running shoes and I wait until the last possible minute like when I am miles past needing new ones. I love living in VT, but the nearest running store Fleet Feet is about an hour away and not in the direction that I work.

  4. that "tiffany blue" as i like to call it is one of my absolute favorite colors. I feel that my stride / gait is always changing, thus I have to keep rotating shoes. I really wish I could find a pair that just work no matter what so I too could find the sales OR use the confident runner from kind runner.

  5. Sorry your knee has been giving you trouble. I hate to pay full price either so I always have some extra running shoes in the closet.