Thursday, July 11, 2013

three or four things thursday

what better way to ease back into blogging...

first things first... i'm almost 4 weeks clean! [clean eating + lifting] thank goodness i finally got my butt back in gear. i'm training with fitness poynters again [if you wanna see the results of last time i worked with them, you can check out this post] and i'm very excited about getting back on track in this area of my life. i've learned A LOT about myself and my body since i last worked with fitness poynters, so i'm really hoping i can stick with it past the weight loss portion and nail the maintenance this time!

the next picture segues into point number two...

doing ab work in my new living proof tank top! [i'm a brand ambassador for them, you should really check out their super cute shirts!] they're great looking and super comfortable. here's one of her newest designs:
and last third thing...
this year was the first year in three that i haven't done the firecracker 10k on the 4th of July. it was weird. but for some reason, running in the muggy, hot weather did not sound fun to me. but you know i wasn't going to let the day go by without wearing my awesome new pro compression USA socks... so i put those bad boys on and wore them to the gym!

i got a lot of compliments on them [and a couple of weird looks but who gives a crap]. they actually felt really good during my workout and helped protect my shins during dead lifts.

and speaking of PRO COMPRESSION that brings me to point four...

they're having a great sale this month:

you can get 40% of ALL merchandise at, including their brand new neon calf sleeves and team PC gear [like hats and running visors].

simply enter the coupon code JULY at checkout. you'll save 40% and get free US shipping!

*expires august 4th**

they're the best compression socks i've ever worn [i've zensah and cep], they're made in the US, and they're just good people. they support so many bloggers with giveaways, sponsorships, etc. they're definitely a company that i truly enjoy supporting.

more info:::
fitness poynters website
fitness poynters facebook
fitness poynters instagram
living proof gear website
living proof gear Facebook
PRO compression website
PRO compression facebook
PRO compression twitter


  1. I might have to buy that 13.1 tank. Love that you wore the socks to the gym and who the heck would not think they are the cutest thing ever?! Some people are just no fun;)

  2. Those tanks are fun and I love the socks. I need more from them, I love them but hate spending the money (discount or not)! And I just looked through your Jackson Hole pictures/posts - love the pictures! My sister lives an hour south of there and I'm about 4 hours from there. It's gorgeous (and expensive) there. Looks like it was an awesome vacation!

  3. WTG with the 4 weeks! You must be feeling great! Love both of the tanks.

  4. Awesome job on the clean eating and lifting. I just got back from vacation and it's time to get back on track AGAIN!

  5. great job on 4 weeks and super cute shirts!