Thursday, September 12, 2013

he and she eat clean's arugula chicken burgers

one of my goals for this week is to find and try some new recipes to work in the mix. we are in a big time food  rut. which leads to eating out every night, which leads to empty pockets in jeans that are way too tight.

i found the site he and she eat clean via pinterest (of course, where else does one find a recipe nowadays?). they have a lot of great looking ideas but the first one to jump out at me was their arugula chicken burgers (the link will actually take you to tosca reno's website where they shared the recipe).

these were super easy to make and SO DELICIOUS! they are filling, flavorful, and a perfect pairing with some roasted sweet potato cubes which we are loving right now too.

lots of fresh ingredients! chop everything up, add to a bowl, and add your ground chicken. 

 i pan fried them with this new coconut oil that i got from swanson health products [for more on them, see below].* it worked pretty much the same as evoo and i couldn't taste any difference in the two. i'm trying to use coconut oil more after reading whole30 and this worked perfectly!

doesn't that look good? it made four patties so we each had one for dinner then warmed up another one for lunch the next day. we put them on ezekiel english muffins the first night, then the second day i went without a bun.

let me know if you all try them!

*swanson health products has a HUGE selection of vitamins, supplements, organic foods, natural bath/beauty products, eco-friendly cleaners, etc.

  • they are family owned since 1969
  • guaranteed low prices (crazy low prices!)
  • i can personally attest to their WONDERFUL customer service and FAST shipping
i was allowed to choose this product from swanson and it was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review of the product. as always, all opinions are my own and i was not required to give a positive review. 


  1. Pinterest is so awesome for recipe ideas. I love coconut oil and cook with it quite a bit.

    1. i had only used it in smoothies previously but i think i'll start utilizing it more often now!

  2. Yum! There are times when I miss turkey burgers. I love cooking with coconut oil!