Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vacation Part Two:::: NYC day 1

Tuesday morning we packed up and left Vegas bright and early.
brad was taking full advantage of the the strip's open container policy as long as he could! we arrived in NYC around 7pm. it sucked to lose a day of vacation to travel, but we were together and we weren't working, still a win in my book.

we stayed at the metro apartments, which mostly worked well for us. the studio apartment was tiny, but it had a kitchenette so we were able to make our breakfasts. the biggest problem was more of a problem with travelocity than the hotel. long story short, i made a point to call travelocity to confirm that there was a fitness center on site. we get there and there wasn't a fitness center. i call travelocity and am on the phone for over an hour, without a resolution. greaaaaat.

the first night i honestly can't remember where we grabbed food, but then we caught a late showing of Lincoln.

the next morning we got up and went for a run in central park. i cannot even tell you how much this is my favorite part of visiting NYC. i don't know if it would wear off if you ran there every day, but i can't get over just being in awe of the amazing beauty and tranquility in the middle of such commotion. i also love seeing all the sights that you see in the movies and tv shows. wednesday i ran 3 miles with brad and thursday i did 5 miles on my own.
on wednesday we visited grand central station, rockefeller center and the nyc public library. grand central seemed other worldly to me. i loved it and could have sat in there for a long time. they were having a holiday market too, and a man was playing Christmas carols on his violin. we enjoyed listening to him for a while.

next we ended up and rockefeller center and i spotted magnolia bakery. the line wasn't out the door as usual so i ran inside to get a cupcake. i chose the rockette red velvet. the cake part was delicious but i didn't love the frosting [more marshmallow-y than cream cheesey). rockefeller center looked great all dressed up for Christmas.
the nyc public library was really cool to see in person, and it was decorated inside also.
we had to get back to the room pretty quickly because we had a big date planned. we had tickets to the NYC ballet's performance of the nutcracker at lincoln center.

the dancing portions were amazing, but i had honestly forgotten how boring the first act is. i was pretty bored during the first act, and brad was pretty much asleep! but the second act was a lot better, with more dancing. afterwards we went to dinner at rosa mexicana, which was our favorite restaurant when we visited NYC last year. [quick side note, brad found the biggest lululemon i've ever seen on the way to dinner, SO much product! i found a jacket that i loved and i think i MIGHT be getting it for Christmas... fingers crossed!]
dinner was great, if you're in NYC you should definitely try rosa's. they have chains now, but we ate at the one in atlanta and it just wasn't as good. so we went back to the original one that we had tried before.
more to come on the rest of the week later!!


  1. AHHHHH I want to go back already!! I love your pictures. Central park is beaaautiful...rocekfeller centre is magical. Loved this!
    Can't wait to see the rest of the days!

  2. Sounds like a an awesome trip!!! Great pics!

  3. This sounds like a great start to your trip in NYC! I can't believe all you guys got to see. Running in Central Park looks like it was beautiful and a lot of fun. One day I'll get to go to NYC!

  4. Looks like so much! My two favorite photos were the stretching one where you were running in Central Park and the last one at dinner. I can only imagine how wonderful that run was! Erica

  5. Oh I am so jealous you got to run in Central Park! The only time I was in NYC it was during a blizzard and the park was covered in several feet of snow so there was no running and the park was pretty much closed. Sad day! Those are beautiful pictures!