Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rear View Mirror::: June 2012

i finished June strong with 52 miles. when i looked at my daily mile total on the 22nd i realized i'd only ran 28 miles so far. it was the smack in the face i needed to get going. honestly i don't know if this is just what happens in life or what but i feel like i turn around and then i realize i haven't ran in 4-5 days. it's crazy and i don't realize it. 

i haven't strictly followed a training plan since my first half and i have really enjoyed running when i want, how much i want. i've managed to keep a comfortable base that has allowed me to concentrate on weight training three times a week but also keep working towards my goal of 12 half marathons for the year.

i ran one half this month, downhill at dawn and it was a new PR for me!

weight training:::
i am still weight training three times weekly. this month i started following stage 1 of the New Rules of Lifting For Women. i am really enjoying the workouts, although i sometimes feel like i'm not doing enough. the authors mention this and encourage you to trust the program and not add to it. i'm trying to do that. i am continuing to run, which the author does not recommend in the first stage. 

this month i finished two books:
the latest sookie stackhouse book came out in may and i've been saving it for an easy beach read. quick tangent:  i just got into these books last summer and i read them straight through. of course i was addicted and had to watch all the true blood episodes. now i'm so confused as to what's happened in the show vs. the books (the show just started back a few weeks ago too). this drives me crazy. end tangent. the book was kinda boring. 

i cannot even describe to you how amazing this book is. seriously, it's the first (non-running/workout) book i've recommended in a LONG time. the author has a wonderful way with words and the book is truly inspiring. basically, he does humanitarian work during his undergraduate and post grad work (he was a Rhodes scholar!) but realizes that you have to be willing to fight for what you believe in and he believed in helping and protecting others. so after he finished his PhD program at Oxford he enlists in the Navy and becomes a SEAL. i can't say enough about this book. read it and you'll understand. you'll highlight it and recommend it to everyone. 

i'm just going to be honest... I literally just got back from a week of vacation and i have no idea how much i weigh. when i left i was sitting at -11 since January. we're going to go with that. i ate what i wanted and i'll get back to it this week (i also exercised more than i ever have on vacation so to me that's progress). i have joined up with Run With Jess to lose a marathon so hopefully that will provide me with the motivation i seem to have lost since the challenge at my gym has ended. 

i just got back from a family vacation in tybee island, georgia. it was an amazing week! brad and i and my family (mom, dad, brother, and brother's gf) all drove down on sunday and brad's fam (his mom and dad and brother and brother's gf) joined us on wednesday. i'll definitely do a post or two about the week, but i couldn't have asked for a better week. so great to see the fam, i miss them. 


  1. Sounds like quite a month! Good luck with the marathon weight loss challenge. Hopefully both of us are going to kill it on the scale in this next few months!

  2. Great job this month! I love Tybee! It's such a cool place.

  3. 52 miles!!! Thats awesome. This heat in my city reaching over 100 is just killing me. Gets me to where I dont even want to get in the hot car to ride to the gym because it takes so long to cool off just because its so hot. I just saw a study that showed those people that get up early before work and have workout time loose more weight and are more productive at work with greater results. Tomorrow I am going to try this for the month of July. We will see how it goes!

  4. Great month and nice job keeping up with the strength training.

    Love the Sookie books! Have read them all and have spent summer break catching up on some of season 4 and season 5. Since I'm watching on demand I'm not even sure what the current season is. Is 5 just starting or 6? Either way, it's my favorite show and the only TV I watch.

    Have a great week and here's to a new high mileage month!

  5. I really need to check out the Sookie books; Ive been hearing so much about them!

  6. so glad you enjoyed a wonderful vacation! i haven't read a non-running book in forever either so i really want to check out the one you recommended! im exciting to keep following your weight training progress and how you like the program in the book!

  7. I haven't read Deadlocked yet, but I am currently rereading the entire series and I am on the second book. The tv show, True Blood, follows some of the stories in the books but they also twist stuff up and change storylines so it does get confusing. Both the books and tv show are good on their own, but it makes me mad when they really change the storyline on True Blood because I just don't how they are going to continue to follow the books lol
    The girls and I are going to Tybee Island at the end of the month and I can't wait!

  8. I haven't read either of those books. I did just start Fifty Shades of Grey...

    Sounds like you had a pretty good June and great job with your lifting. I wouldn't quit running either :)

  9. Great job on the weight training! Wow, I need to work on my weight training. That seems to be my issue right now.